About Us

Yichang Jing Lian Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

As an ODM designer and producer of crane SLI/LMI system and monitoring system, JingLian offer a wide range of load moment indicator, Transducers, A2B limit switches, anemometer, data loggers, etc.

Business line:
1. SLI/LMI system for all kind cranes;
2. Crane anemometers;
3. Anti-two block switches;

Our products are reliable, easy to operate and can be well aligned with international standards.

No matter what type of cranes, we can customize according to your needs. Since we design and produce a variety of sensors and load limiters, and customize them if required. Our system and application engineers possess the know-how needed to solve intricate application requirements. We are happy to put our expertise to work for you.

Using our independently developed signal acquisition module to capture the signal from each sensor and then programming the crane's performance characteristics, it really reflects the basic characteristics of the crane. Our safety load indicator uses a multi-channel system, and we have specialized technology, development, quality inspection, and installation teams to meet our customers' needs.
Our attention on quality & services has fruitful results, Our products quickly achieved half of China's production, and in a short period of one year, it has become international and has achieved certain results.

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